Concentus Moraviae 2022 I JeFis Duo

01/06/22, 19:30

Pavel Fischer / violin, vocals
Jakub Jedlinský / accordion, vocals

"Blood and Honey" - Balkan music
Dance, dance Yidalekh
Los Bilbilicos
Gankino horo
Bre Sarika
Marel or Del
Good morning

This year's resident artist Pavel Fischer will present one of his many musical faces in Ivančice. There are many etymological explanations for the word Balkans, but the most beautiful and concise one is considered to be the origin of the word Turkish balbrum and kan - med. The "Blood and Honey" program will offer not only breathtaking melodies from the Balkans, but also original compositions by members of the duo influenced by the idiom of Eastern European music. "We have always been captivated by the melodic exoticism and the endless richness of character and style contrasts in the music of this area. At one point you are tossed about by a wild dance rhythm and then enchanted by the sweetest of melodies… "