15/06/24, 19:30

Taťána Roskovcová, Jitka Novotná / vocals
Jan Keller / cello
Petr Valášek / bass clarinet
Ondřej Roskovec / bassoon

Original adaptations of folk songs from Slovácko and Kopanic

The folk songs of Moravia and Bohemia left a deep mark on Czech classical music. This does not only apply to composers of the past, such as Leoš Janáček and Bohuslav Martinů; to some extent and in a vastly different form, this is still true today. In addition to its traditional performance in specialized ensembles, many musicians brought up in their youth by folk music are looking for the possibility of connecting genres, let's recall, for example, two fundamentally different crossover projects, which are Hradišťan and Čechomor. One of the newest such associations on Czech stages is the ensemble ČaroTaJ, which was founded by singers Taťána Roskovcová and Jitka Novotná, daughters of the famous Uherskobrod primate Lubomír Málk. The unmistakable sound of the ensemble is given by the combination of three mainly deeper instruments, two of them brass and one string.