Trio: For beauty alone

23/05/24, 20:30

For once, don't try to express yourself with words, but live the experience of self-realization for yourself through bodily movement. This is the motto of the TRIO show, whose dancers together conquer the stage space: Alex Mugler works on the New York voguing scene. In her dance performance, she combines spiritual, sexualized and abstract expressions, sometimes in ballet flats, sometimes in high-heeled shoes, thereby inspiring pop stars such as Rihanna, as well as star choreographers including Boris Charmatz. The second of the dancers, Carlos Martinez, has focused on the possibilities of creating a shared atmosphere of captivating moments since the beginning of his career: he grew up in the environment of the Mexican music culture sonidero, where DJs with their portable sound equipment can keep the dancers boiling with a few hit songs. The third member, known as the Ordinateur, moves his feet with such precision that he earned the nickname "Magic Feet". A dance style called "Couper Décaler" was originally created by the Parisian diaspora of Ivorians (immigrants from the Ivory Coast), which Ordinateur still influences today.

Trio. For Beauty Alone is a production by the dance group La Fleur, which was co-founded in 2017 by director Monika Gintersdorfer and choreographer Franck Edmond Yao originally from the Ivory Coast. In this performance, they bring to the stage three dancers who reliably amaze audiences in many cities around the world with their varied palette of ingenious and masterful showmanship.