UPROSTŘED: Purple Haze

02/07/22, 12:00

This year's first Saturday in July (July 2 - 12:00) will be the second year of the Purple Haze festival organized by students at Brno universities. Once again, the festival will bring to life part of the Anthropos Park in Brno's Pisárky.

Under the close supervision of sound students at BUT and illuminators from JAMU, an untraditionally conceived podium is created among the trees, covered by a giant Bedouin tent, where a number of progressive
young performers.

DJ Bert

A mix of techno and his friends. With the popularity of genre counterparts, rawness, nonsense and noise. Breakbeat, rap, France, Berlin, old and new. DJ with a single dream and that turn the music in the shoulders, DJ Bert. How will it all turn out?

Psychedelic surfrock ride with elements of alterna and Czech lyrics from Brno. A theatrical spectacle full of unexpected twists and moments that you just can't get out of your head.

Energetic alternative-pop / funky from the Brno side. The five-member boys-band, which actually can't be described better than in their own words, "a nice little dog mixed with kicked guitars" will guide you through about one third of your emotional scale, you'll dance, drink, laugh, enjoy, believe it ".

Psychedelic… Funk? Rock? Punk? The ultimate fusion of genres performed by the Ostrava-Brno-Olomouc music group. A combination of narrative music, projections, improvisation and a bit of the right alternative.
Prince Harlow

Four Praguers from different parts of the country. A combination of British-rock music scene, contemporary and classical, mixed with honest indie-alternative rock. Dense guitar riffs in line with pleasing melodies. What more to write… Do you need Cage The Elephant or Arctic Monkeys? So this is their Czech child!
Two-headed Boy

Indian-folk singer from Prague with intimate-lyrical lyrics.
By connecting the influences of different musical genres, he goes beyond set to music poetry, where he discusses the anxieties of man in today's world.
If you like poetry, Karel Plíhal or Marsyas, then you can't miss this composer.

Uncompromising pressure on the border of melodic techno, electronics and ambient.
Dance beats and hallucinogenic visuals. Abstraction, sequencers, synthesizers, colors and rhythm. All this and much more is this audiovisual project.
Shaman's Goods

Psychedelic, alter-rock wilderness, based on the classic progrock of the seventies enriched with modern instruments such as theremin or drumpads. The boys do not lack improvisations or spontaneous alternations of their own songs. We can look forward to songs from the upcoming album "Zeměkout"
Break Falls

A girl band with emotional songs, accompanied by pleasing melodies on the border of indie-pop, folk and electro. If you like "Of Monsters and Man" or "Mumford & Sons", you should not miss this great Brno group.