Hrubá Hudba

14/12/21, 19:00

Hrubá Hudba is the intersection of two projects established on the Czech scene, nu-jazz Lesnívěřů and folklore Horňácké muzika Petr Mička. It is a unique double album combining authentic recordings of Horňák singers and local traditional music in a new multi-genre coat.
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1st wave - 286 CZK
2nd wave - 349 CZK
One half of the recording consists of the eponymous record by Jiří Hradil and his band Lesní zvěř, together developing Horňácké songs into a number of unusual positions of various genres. He connected Horňák's musicians with other Czech and Slovak artists. Katarzie, Kato, Miloš Rejsek or Jaroslav Rudiš found their way to the recording. The group impressed with its performance of Czech folklore at many foreign events, such as the Brussels Jazz Marathon, the Eurojazz Festival Mexico or the Kaunas Jazz Festival in Lithuania.
The second part, called Voices of the Old, is from Petr Mička's Horňák Music Workshop. On the contrary, the project with more than twenty years of history offers a genuine experience of Horňácko folklore performed by the best local singers. Petr Mička tried to capture the development of the tradition and preserve the performances of its most important bearers. For example, Anna Šajdlerová, Martin Čambal or Dušan Holý and many others appear on the album.
The event is part of Fléda's 20th birthday (FXX 2001-2021).