06/12/23, 20:30

The band Shall we fly? christens their best of record "at the scene of the crime" - at the Fléda club, where they recorded it in February. As a special guest, Shall We Fly? they invited the Slovak band Heľenine oči, who are among the regulars of the Slovak music scene.

Shall we fly? they can talk about complex and sad things in a light-hearted way, so that their concerts breathe colorful mood, brisk rhythm and dance creations of the audience. Audiences will laugh, whoop, dance or get chills when they name their problem in song. Funny, poetic and straightforward lyrics are the band's forte.

Shall we fly? have safely ranked at the top of the Czech music scene. Their concerts are packed all over the country, and during their existence they have become a concert certainty that can make all age groups dance without distinction.

The charismatic artist Rudolf Brančovský is the bandleader, singer, lyricist and essential personality of the band. The artist's untrained voice stands on the stage as confidently as an old captain of an ancient sailing ship determined to sail around the world. His crew consists of seven sea wolves who know exactly what to do to make the crazy voyage go well. Despite the fact that the ships sail on water, the crew does not give up hope that one day they will fly with this sailboat.

Band composition: Rudolf Brančovský – guitar, vocals Jáchym Hájek – trumpet Pavel Križovenský – saxophone, flute Vojta Konečný – violin Ondřej Hájek – piano Vít Kraváček – bass guitar Michal Jež – drums Josef Zámečník – banjo, guitar