FVCK KVLT & Dušan Vlk

04/05/24, 20:00


Fvck_Kvlt is the solo trap project of Trnava punk and rapper Denis Bang, who is currently rocking the Slovak DIY scene. He crossed the borders of the region in which he creates right after the first album Kvlt Teachings (2019). The second album Zabijem sa! (2020), which sounds significantly different from the rap scene and at the same time surprised hardcore fans who know Denis as the singer and guitarist of the band Wilderness.

Dušan Vlk

A rapper from Prešov who is not afraid to thematize topics such as depression, drugs or life in late capitalism in his lyrics. Hypnotic beats oscillating between funk and lo-fi form an ideal background for dark lyrics. "Fuck positive rappers and material dreams / Stop lying to the telly, my mindset is a graveyard."