Medial Banana

15/05/24, 20:00

The six Medial banan musicians fill every club with positive energy. After three years, they are now preparing a new album called More time, which will be released on March 15. They will release the new song two months later in Fléda, where they last performed in 2021 as part of a joint tour with the band Polemic. These two icons of Slovak reggae not only have joint concerts, but also the single Staré časy (2019).

The band Medial Banana was founded in Bratislava in 2010. They released their debut EP Naturally Lifted in 2012, the first album Uplifted was released a year later. In their work, they often collaborate with foreign artists, such as on the single Give Thanks with the British MC Deadly Hunt or with Jamaican musicians on the album Rockin' It (2016). A follow-up album called Inna Jamdown (2016) was created in Jamaica. With the third album Untouchable (2020), the band celebrated ten years of existence on the music scene.