The Tiger Lillies

04/12/23, 20:00

Dark cabaret at its best. The British trio The Tiger Lillies will visit Brno's Goose on a String Theater on December 4, 2023. They will present the best of his thirty years of work - in the show The Tiger Lillies: From the Circus to the Cemetery.

They are considered the forefathers of dark cabaret. They bring dark stories full of unexpected twists with a unique blend of punk chanson, Jacques Brel, gypsy music, sailor songs and cabaret. Another inherent component of the extraordinary and inimitable world of The Tiger Lillies is a sense of dark humor.

The Tiger Lillies travel the world to tell a story familiar to every city, in which the dark alleys are silent witnesses to terrible deeds and from them jump out legends of murderers, crooks, gangsters, and the real life takes place in stinking hovels and opium dens.