Concentus Moraviae: B3 Ensemble

22/09/20, 19:00

B3 Ensemble

Vojtěch Jakl / baroque violin

Michal Raitmajer / viola da gamba, baroque cello

Filip Hruby / harpsichord


Biber, Finger, Capricornus, Muffat - Bohemia and Moravia

Gottfried Finger: Sonata prima pro violin, viola da gamba a basso continuo op. 1

Gottfried Finger: Second sonata for viola da gamba a basso continuo

Gottfried Finger: Second Sonata for violin, viola da gamba a basso continuo op. 1

Georg Muffat: Passacaglia in G minor

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata No. 6 for violin and basso continuo

Gottfried Finger: Sonata terza for violin, viola da gamba and basso continuo op. 1

Samuel Capricornus: Ciaconna in D pro violin, viola da gamba a basso continuno


The B3 Ensemble is a new phenomenon of the Czech music scene. Vojtěch Jakl, Filip Hrubý and Michal Raitmajer are - in Brno - fighters who came together in the creative environment of the Department of Organ and Historical Interpretation under the leadership of B. M. Willi and currently work in the prestigious triangle Brno - Basel - Den Haag. Our musical musketeers carry out the assignment of the theme of the festival my home with the right dose of patriotism: Finger, Capricornus, Muffat and Biber are figures from Central Europe, for whom it is quite clear that Czechoslovakia has talent. Free-spirited compositions in the free form of a Romanesque rotunda are the right choice for an extraordinary evening.


Ticket price

CZK 200 / CZK 100