Mr. Lovo - jazz/fusion

11/08/22, 20:00

The band was formed in 2020, when a bunch of friends got together who had been looking for themselves musically for some time. The resulting formation Mr. Lovo was the result of their common love for experimentation, improvisation and an open approach to music creation. From the initial cover versions of songs by well-known jazz rock / fusion and funk artists, they developed their own creative expression and began to compose their own music.
If the listener is curious, an unusual musical experience awaits him. The colorful musical nooks and crannies abound with musical puzzles that Mr. Lovo helps to solve with a result that may surprise the ear, but fortunately only a nice, relaxing and harmonious resolution.
Although each member of the band represents an absolutely unique creative force, they all fit like bricks into the mosaic that is the face of Mr. Lovo.
After a number of concerts, the group also recorded a live streamed concert and then recorded a debut album, the release of which is planned for June 2022. This year, the collaboration with the Musicraft company also began.
Petr Venkrbec: sax, synth, wind controller
Martin Poledna: piano, synth
Ladislav Výmola: guitar
Rumil Kofta: bass guitar, double bass
Libor Orel: drums