JFB 2023: Ibrahim Maalouf and The trumpets of Michel Ange

05/12/23, 19:30

Trumpetist Ibrahim Maalouf returns to Brno after almost ten years to present Trumpets of Michel Ange - his innovative project, which at the same time bears his unmistakable signature. It takes us to a world where folklore and modernity merge into one.
Ibrahim Maalouf was born in 1980 in Beirut into a family that was literally steeped in culture. He is the son of trumpeter Nassim Maalouf and pianist Nadi Maalouf, nephew of writer Amin Maalouf and grandson of journalist, poet and musicologist Rushdi Maalouf. By the way, it was his father who invented the fourth piston trumpet in the 1960s, on which Ibrahim still plays music with quarter tones and other microintervals.