03/04/22, 20:00

Austrian producer, songwriter and noise guitarist Julian Werlobestřený, with the mysterious pseudonym Nichi Mlebom, creates absolutely unique music for the Czechia. Jazz-influenced chord practices refer to the influences of Mac DeMarc or Connan Mockasin, noise passages point to their roots in the punk scene. Vendula and Antonín from sinks together with Petr Kušnirík from True Fir or Nikander vividly complement Nichi on stage. The incredible chemistry and mutual friendship that works directly from the band members on the stage clears and enhances the experience of a great concert.

Under the name Tape Moon, there is an unusually talented and creative multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael Naphegyi. In his solo project, the trained jazz drummer indulges in subtle, imaginative synthesizer lines and catchy vocal work. In Europe, it is the absolute top of the rapidly emerging new wave of indie pop, which throws away the pursuit of liking and simplicity, but comes from the unaffected interior of its actors.