21/05/22, 20:00

Yeezuz 2020 & MDMX Boy

Yeezuz2020 is a musical and visual duo originally from Znojmo, formed by rapper Boris Sabáček and producer Zdeněk Pejchal aka MDMX Boy. They became known in 2014, collaborating musically and as video creators with several leading rap representatives in the Czech Republic. In 2015, they released the Exodus project, where Tommy Cash was on the feat, then paused for a long time to return in full force of the symbolic year 2020. It started with the release of RIOT, followed by the Leopard project in December.

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Yeezuz2020 feat Hugo Toxxx - “Leopard” -

Yeezuz2020 x Rohony x Peyesyko808 - “Impreza” -


After the critically acclaimed EP Viper, this year the rapper from Třebíč living in Prague released a new project DELUXXX with the title single "GOOFY SWAG", on which we can also find Yeezuz2020 or Ema Lacová.

"In the music of the purposeful rapper Rohony, we can hear a number of metaphors or associations, because of which he was sometimes called an alternative, but he himself strongly refuses. Thanks to the original approach, in addition to his music, you won't miss the elaborate video clips that take place in the harsh nature and in the gallery. Behind the Rohony brand is actually a creative duo, within which Lukáš Zálešák takes care of the visual side. ” - Radio Wave

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