Keept it Alive (DE); Kronstadt; Izurewara

04/06/22, 20:00

Already at the beginning of June, you can look forward to a concert by three musically different bands, which are united by a strong anti-fascist agenda and an emphasis on the political dimension of hc / punk.
Keep it Alive (DE) - Keep It Alive - Antifascist Hardcore with nothing but passion
Keep It Alive originated in Bückeburg, a small town known in the past for its militant neo-Nazi scene. He plays from the beginning
band great angry hardcore with political lyrics.
After the release of the first LP "At War With Society", the songs from the new EP "Lambs Become Lions" EP now bring an even bigger dose on the stage
uncompromising aggression - the perfect soundtrack for a real riot.
Izurewara - The guys claim they're just playing hardcore. Nervous riffs, intense vocals and volatile drums along with a strange melancholic atmosphere
gave rise to a unique mix. When you add lyrics according to the well-known formula "personal means political", you will definitely not regret listening.
Kronstadt - blackened hardcore from East Moravia. Dense riffs, roar, total hatred towards the world and society. Performance always at 161%
After the first album "Polykat světlo" Kronstadt will present new songs from the upcoming splits with Endform and Witchrite and the music is moving more and more from primitive black punk to more melodic,
postblack sound (but it's still an aggressive evil).