09/06/22, 20:00

The first of a series of warm-up concerts at the Pop Messe 2022 festival in Brno.

The second year of the Pop Messe festival will take place from July 29 to 30, 2022 in Brno. The progressive music festival thus follows up on its successful premiere and will increase in all directions in the second year. The two-day event is preparing a more numerous line-up for visitors, the number of stages, the area of ​​the complex and the offer of gastronomic and accompanying services will also increase. The Pop Messe program primarily (but not only) targets young multi-genre music that goes beyond the commonly used concept of POP.



Music from the past that was not and the future that will never happen. Psychedelia, krautrock and lo-fi pop from a parallel universe. B4 are the staples of the domestic alternative, always unpredictable and elusive. Tomáš Procházka, David Freudl and their friends have been playing together since the end of the 1990s, but they received a more significant response thanks to the album Didaktik Nation Legendary Rock from 2011, for which they won the historically first Vinyl Award. Analog electronic instruments and improvisations also dominate their subsequent recordings, and the B4 repertoire also includes a record of peculiar, German-sung cover versions of The Plastic People of the Universe or, for example, a fifteen-hour concert at the Disk Gallery. In recent years, however, B4 has steered their style into more song-like waters - they received their second Vinyl in 2019 for the album Plastová okna. So far, the last plate is last year's spread butter. Space hits about nostalgia and forgotten futurism have never sounded so good.



Relive the eighties. The Polish electronic duo Wczasy mixes synth-pop mutants with cold wave reactions in their music. Their sharp hits seem to have arisen under the Polish state of emergency at the beginning of the eighth decade - they are euphoric and a bit decadent, but they also contain more than a small amount of darkness and claustrophobia. Wczasy consists of Bartłomiej Maczaluk and Jakub Żwirełło, they have existed since 2016 and debuted with the EP 1000 Problems. They drew a lot of attention with their long-playing debut Zawody, which was released on Thin Man Records. The record garnered great acclaim from critics and fans alike and appeared in many reviews of the best records of the Polish alternative in 2018. Some journalists even wrote about the generational manifesto. Wczasa's charm also includes distinctive grainy clips and wild concerts. They draw on the popular 80's aesthetics, but they never slip into parody or mere retro, their music seems to give us a chance to relive the eighth decade with all its hopes and anxieties.