28/09/22, 20:00

KAKKTUS (baptism) + guests

Šternber rock'n'roll band Kakktus released 22.7. album Na hrabtým koni on vinyl. The recording, which the band originally released as a digipack CD at their own expense, was released in a vinyl version by Kabinet Records, and the baptism is planned for 28.9. in the MÚZ Cabinet. Since February of this year, the album is also available on the streaming platforms Spotify and Bandcamp.

The Kakktus band from Šternberk, whose dark history dates back to 2006, started playing in the deep underground of the local village cultists. And fortunately, the echoes of those futile days can still be heard today, when they finally release their first official album on vinyl. The album Na hrabtým koni was recorded in the summer of 2021 in Prague's Golden Hive studio under the supervision of Amák, who helped the band to record a raw and cheeky, yet modern sound. The slot machines flash and the cheap beer flows, while behind the non-stop, like every Saturday, teeth click against the bollard and the local legendary bouncer is like a walking prop of a nineties panopticon.


Freaks get drunk in the pub under the church

gypsy families shoot each other

crazy girls jump from dorm windows

drop like flies on the concrete pavement


This is sung at the beginning of the song Maloměsto, which opens the whole album. On it, Kakktus tries to capture the mood of a gloomy and uncultured city, where the only music club, theater and cinema have long been closed. The evening life is thus nested in the infamous disco-non-stop, where it is teeming with swag and beauties of all kinds.

Through the opening song from Otakar Vávra's film Kladivo na charodějnice, for which the first lady of the Czechoslovak new wave, Ester Krumbachová, wrote the lyrics, the title of the album Na humbátým koni and with it the composition Smrťák refers to the witch trials in Jesenice in the 17th century. Existentially tuneful lyrics also turn to the mountains and nature, which is slowly preparing the ground for humanity's destruction.