29/11/23, 20:00

Katarzia / Happy Child tour

Singer, composer and lyricist Katarzia recorded a new acoustic album Happy Child, which will be released on October 6, 2023 by Animal Music. Katarzia composed the new compositions to a large extent on the piano, the producer and founder of the Animal Music publishing house Petr Ostrouchov collaborated with her on the arrangement and production (otherwise also, for example, collaboration with Vladimír Mišík, Lenka Dusilová or Beata Hlavenková) and the pianist Kristína Smetanová. On the new album, Katarzia deviates from electronics back to a classical instrumental line-up. In the texts, she once again conveys the current experiences of women in an authentic way through images of interpersonal relationships in contemporary society and at the same time manages to laugh at herself with insight. In the interim period after the release of the previous album n5 (2021), Katarzia has, among other things, composed work on the TV series Background of Events directed by Jan Hřebejk, for the feature-length documentary My New Face directed by Jarmila Štuková and for a theater performance. Also this year, she collaborated on the successful project Horáček Gen XYZ for the Prague Circus La Putika, where together with several other producers and musicians, she reworked Michal Horáček's texts and compositions. In the past, Katarzia won, among other things, the Radio Head Awards, and her work was also recognized by the prestigious Berlinare festival.

Catharsis – voc, g; Robin Galia - p, Miloš Klápště - b, Oliver Lipenský - dr., Valentína Vlková - voc, Erika Rein - voc, Simona Hulejová - voc