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Kids and adults alike love the Bomber and the Bomber loves them! Bombarďák is the name of a band whose beginnings are related to the band 3B BomBarďák. The main character, the beatboxer and tour guide from the album Bongo BomBarďák, first became the inspiration for the children's musical theater performance Příhody kluk BomBarďák!. It had its premiere at the Colors of Ostrava 2012 festival. Based on it, the "blue" record Písničky kluk BomBarďák was created, which was released in 2013 by Indies Scope. In 2015, the debut was followed by the second, yellow album Píp. The third recording is nicknamed "red", it is called 3FO3 and the release date is autumn 2017. In 2019, a CD with the famous green color and the name Čtvrtek followed, and in 2021 the "black" album Pátek. The author of the performances and all the lyrics on the albums is Jirka Jelínek, who forms the band together with Michal Dalecký, Filip Nebřenský and Matěj Pospíšil, who are responsible for the music. Bombarďák has already played several hundred concerts throughout the country with success.

Jiří Jelínek:
Actor, author, director, comic book artist, screamer of song lyrics. Founder of the DNO Theater, sometimes a member of the theaters Husa na pravázku, Tramtaria, etc. I am the father of FAGI comic characters.

Michal Dalecky:
Actor (Reduta Theater Brno, Goose on a String, National Theater Prague, DNO Theater, Komediomat...), musician (Meteor from Prague), fashion icon, idol.

Filip Nebrenský:
Musician, programmer, music composer, former teacher, occasional actor, musical instrument collector, engineer and father of three. Member of the music group Hm... and the Minor theater band.

Matej Pospíšil:
Still a fresh photographer, editor, musician and long-distance stand-in master.