06/12/23, 20:00

Jaromír 99 and the Summer Band

The summer band is a project of the renowned musician and artist Jaromír 99, with whom he followed up his successful work in the bands Priessnitz, Umakart and Kafka Band in 2019. Nevertheless, the new musical group quickly found its own distinctive sound, which, together with Jaromír's distinctive speech, contributed to a generous reception by the audience.

Originally, Letní kapela focused on interpreting Jaromír's earlier work, but during the covid pandemic, they focused on their own songs. The debut record was created in early 2022 in the SONO Records studio under the baton of producer Dušan Neuwerth and was released in May of the same year by the Indies Scope publishing house. Probably Jaromír's most personal album, it was a great success with both listeners and critics.

"Jaromír 99 together with Letní kapela prepared one of the strongest domestic records this year. Strong melodies, full and clear sound," wrote the server iDnes, for example. "The summer band, perhaps also because of the extra time they had at their disposal thanks to covid, prepared an exceptionally strong album," the website frontman.cz assessed in turn

The group thus managed to establish itself on the Czech club and festival scene. The listeners especially appreciate the original and straightforward sound of the band and the overall atmosphere of the songs, which is meant to evoke the life and nature of the Jeseníky/Rychleb Mountains, with which the musicians are connected.

In the summer of 2023, the band together with Václav Neckár recorded the single Snílek for his 80th birthday, which was also produced by Dušana Neuwerth and was released under Supraphone. In this way, Jaromír continued his many years of collaboration with Neckár, whom he recently helped to make a successful comeback as a composer.

"But the beautifully playing Letní kapela ensured that the single stayed with one foot sonically on the stages and the club scene," the Headliner website evaluated the Snílek single.