14/02/24, 20:00

Meowlau X Val

The DnB/Pop project MEOWLAU X VAL brings with EP Daydream a strong response to the first EP Nevermind. The iconic pigeon was replaced by a small chick, which paradoxically reflects the significant maturation of the project. The new tracks bring a lot of experimentation with sound, breakbeats and anything but a slow BPM. Unfortunately (haha), the listener doesn't get a chance to think and simply gets carried away. That was the goal - an intense and powerful experience. In February, Meowlau X Val will start the expected Daydream tour, which will bring with it a completely new and unforgettable audiovisual experience.



Brno's Panoptikum, known for their unclassifiable music, unique performance and innovative concept of psychedelia, are here. They have one eponymous EP (2018) and one LP called Mantichora (2022) on whitish vinyl, released under the auspices of the Kabinet records label. Also worth mentioning is their mutual collaboration with the legend of the Czech dubbing scene - actor Ladislav Županič, who is Clint Eastwood's dubbing alter ego for many years and who voiced lines for two songs from the remembered LP Mantichora. Their live performances are especially interesting, full of unbridled energy combined with various theatrical elements, thanks to which they are able to draw the audience into the very heart of their compositions, and that very quickly.