02/04/24, 20:00

LAMENT: It's raining in an empty house || Support: Cermaque AND SOMEONE ELSE



LAMENT (experimental rap)

The Brno baptism of the debut album of the duo Lament, which rose from the ashes of Jakub Cermaque's album of the same name from 2020. This time the rapping poet joined forces with a single producer: the young musical magician Pavel Kielberger, who builds an electronic landscape on the record and on stage in the best tradition of experimental electronic music creators of the past decades and drenches it with sophisticated and emotionally charged guitar riffs. Apocalyptic visions and social criticism intertwine in the texts with intimacy and inner testimony. Poetry to make you dance.
The record PRŠÍ V PRÁZDNÉ DÓM was released this February by Indies Scope and will be available on CD and vinyl at the concert.

SOMEONE ELSE (rap&poetry)

A solo performance by the energetic colloquialist and language equilibrist Martin Fučík, among other things the principal of the renowned Znojmo rap party Phoenix
Old school rap or new age poetry? Sermon or confession? Judge for yourself.