03/04/24, 20:00

Shaman's Goods (Post-Psychedelic)
A four-member musical group balancing on the edge of rock lyricism and sonic experimentation. It is based on the classic progrock of the 70s, which it modernizes with digital theremin, electro drumpads and various modulations into a psychedelic ride. At concerts, shamans don't hesitate to improvise into songs and expand them with spontaneous jams. Her latest album is the apocalyptic effort Čtvrtá polnice. Now they will present and christen the new album Zemekout.





Toad Planet (psychedelic art rock)

Loads of narrative music, projections, improvisations, melting, flying. Lick the frog and fly with us. It's pretty self-explanatory. Toad Planet is a musical project, organically formed around musicians from Ostrava and theater artists from JAMU in Brno, playing mainly psychedelic and art rock with a fusion of hip hop, funk and noise. In December, they released their second single Ješterka from the forthcoming album under the label Kabinet Records. In the new year, the plan is to release more singles, a video clip, a live session and then the whole album, so there is a lot to look forward to. In December 2023, they released their second single Ješterka from the upcoming album under the label Kabinet Records.