06/04/24, 20:00


(USA, Relapse records, Power Trip members, Integrity, ...)

Ecstasy laced with blasphemy and existential dread. Hellfire and stormy riffs and roots in ritual black-metal magic. The band DEVIL MASTER from Philadelphia does not deny the source of inspiration!

The current 2022 album Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night was recorded live on analog tape by Pete DeBoer (Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice). In doing so, Devil Master expanded on the warped riffing and dark atmosphere that had already propelled the band as one of the most unique and unbridled underground bands. From a dark punk vortex to a spiraling death-rock to a heavy black-metal atmosphere. Ecstasies of Never Ending Night proves to be a vital addition to the pantheon of evil satanic metal. Magic will eventually rule everything!

Darkest Prince of All Rebellion - lead guitar

Disembody Through Unparalleled Pleasure - vocals, bass guitar

Infernal Moonlight Apparition - rhythm guitar

Festering Terror in Deepest Catacomb (aka Chris Ulsh from Power Trip and Iron Age) - drums, keyboard



(SWE, Alerta Antifascista, Prosthetic rec, Wolves of Hades records)

A dangerous maelstrom of blackness and cacophony that tears souls apart. From the shadowy desolate forests of Borlänge and the rusting urban lust of Amsterdam comes Dödsrit.

The band Dödsrit combines extreme black-metal onslaughts, treacherously disturbing drones and a blizzard of D-beats steeped in the darkness of a violently roaring maelstrom of melancholy and harrowing cacophony.





The debut album of the Austrian band ARA, which is called Gurre, is a sonically harsh retelling of obscure folklore in the form of noisy underground aesthetics. Cold black-metal madness grips you and won't let go. Members played and play in: Loather, Parasite Dreams, Molten Chains, Letheum and Pitva... good old young Dominik Pilnáček also plays guitar.