07/04/24, 20:00

The duo Hello Marcel slowly formed during 2017, when the boys Adam Sodomka and Michael Macek (alias Šmáca), friends from the Svitava gymnasium, hit their heads so hard that they got the idea to form a Czech disco band. The first songs were written alternately in a shared rehearsal room in Svitavy or at Šmáci's apartment on Anglická street in Prague. In February 2018, they released their debut album called Marcel, named after their funny and inspiring friend. After the previous busy year, they managed to finish 9 songs and outline the early dance vision of this tandem group. The release was done amateurishly, they basically just recorded it on Spotify, then filmed it on a mobile phone and edited the first music video for the song Seš Strelec together over a beer. In May, the first concert took place in the Prague sample room, then the song Bůček resonated on the air of the program Startér, and the following year already received invitations to the festivals Beseda u bigbítu, Rosnička and others. Such were the beginnings and the first years of the gastrodisco group Hello Marcel, to which the boys today refer with the release of best-of vinyl.



Up and coming Prague formation Fumar Mata, which with its charming charisma and atmosphere immediately reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre vibe attracts a generation of new enthusiasts to the front ranks, opening up the world of neo-psychedelia to them. Founded in the basement of the Spoko cafe in Prague, where teenagers caught up in the pandemic resorted to the long-winded melodies of a deranged Jolana. From the Vinohrady cellar, they moved more and more often to the infamous Prague clubs and bars, where more and more people came to listen to them. In April, on their tour for the release of their first album, they will also play outside of Prague.

"Legends say that they were invited to their first concert as front-runners for their friends, but they were taken aback and overshadowed, so they never played together again. During the concert, you simply experience a constant dilemma, whether you are more in love with one of the guys or with the music they are playing. A bunch of handsome men who will draw all the female audience into the first rows, behind whom even the gentlemen will be nodding their heads with satisfaction." - Martin z Tresky Jednosklarný




A band from Znojmo, which during its one-year existence searched for a dirty sound in the dark corners of the basement and even darker corners of the garage, where it finally found it. Identification and fervent categorization is what he still seeks, but with much less ferocity and actually with a partial distaste, combined with an above-average appetite for food, which led to the creation of the parodic pseudo-genre "gastro-punk". However, if the inquisitive nature still wants to have an idea of what to expect from this garage squad, so they fit most closely into the subjugation of post-punk boxes, noise with elements of shoegaze.