06/05/24, 20:00

Cloakroom is three people, one of them is Tim Remis, who has been drumming in the band (great) for the last few years. Cloakroom have released three records, the last two of which ("Time Well" from 2017 and "Dissolution Wave" from 2022) were released on Relapse Records. But it's probably the least "Relapse-band" you can imagine: Cloakroom's sound is closer to The God Machine (but with a more optimistic tone), the overall weirdness of it all maybe refers to Shudder To Think (sic!), a bit of Codeine , a slightly metal My Bloody Valentine. Cloakroom are playing at Roadburn this year, and Tim Remis convinced the other two fighters that they MUST play more concerts in the Czech Republic, so we will welcome them here at Kabinet MÚZ!





Post-punk from Kopřivnica with roots in the deep nineties and gloomy Beskydy texts will finish with the new record Bleus.

In the spring of 2018, an inconspicuous trio of rock renegades peeked out from behind the Beskydy hills and immediately became one of the most pleasant surprises of the season. That it was not a coincidence, the band confirmed with a nice line of well-worn concerts and, at the end of 2022, also with the second line-up Herostratus. It followed the successful debut of Poníčka and presented the band as a thunderous four-stroke, when the original line-up was expanded by experienced bassist Lukáš Sedláček and he embraced guitarists Michal Kudělka, Vladimír Schwarz and drummer Michal "Maňa" Maliniak with his powerful arms.

The band's sound has always been decorated with a desire to experiment. It is therefore not surprising that on their new record with the secret wedding name Bleus, Virgin Flames lick the boundaries of the possible and go a little further, towards hitherto unexplored artistic territories. Lyricist and guitarist Michal Kudělka adds to this: "We have resigned ourselves to the frog wars about what is still available and what is not, and we have decided to invent the whole thing so that we still enjoy it. Regardless of what came before. After all, not even the days in a person's life follow the same script.'

In an effort to dedicate themselves to the music and, so to speak, "not to solve", the Kopřivnica lineup decided to record a significant part of the album directly in the rehearsal room, i.e. in a familiar environment. Except for the drums, those were created in the Animan studio by Tomáš Neuwerth. Unlike working in a regular studio, gentlemen could stop looking at their watches, enjoy creative freedom and invite guests of their choice to the record. On Bleus we can hear the "work" of Michal Burget (Nierika, Milano) or the singing group Mateřídúška.

And since "Plamenáci" soon recognized that something special was being created under their hands, it was clear that the recording had to be given a proper, tailor-made sound jacket. They therefore joined forces with Dušan Neuwerth (Tata Bojs, Kafka band), who took over the mix. The result is a record that doesn't sneer at previous records, but rather confirms that the band stubbornly refuses to stick to proven recipes and that the desire to always try new things is a necessary part of its identity, a kind of drive on all fours.

That is why Bleus offers ten songs of very different positions and moods. The recording shows an obvious shift towards more stylistically diverse musical forms. The female element in the form of the choir is especially noticeable. The typical, slightly cacophonous interplay of guitars remains.