15/05/24, 20:00

(OI! / Punk / Punkrock / London / UK)
On the streets of London, GG came together in the ruins of The Untouchables. The strong influences of bands like the Ramones and The Jam had a significant impact on the sound of their debut Prohibition from 1989. A year earlier, they took part in the compilation album Underground Rockers (which included, among others, Manic Street Preachers). These recordings got them noticed by the famous Stiff Little Fingers, who took them on a big UK Tour. Since then they have completed 28 tours and 11 albums. So far, the last one was released in 2022 and was called Fortune Favors The Brave. They have hits to sell and are currently in top form and are not afraid to prove it in the Cabinet.

(punk-rock'n'roll / Ostrava / CZ)
Ostrava, punk rock & smog strikes back. Degradation is hitting the wagon more than ever this year and it's no wonder. There are several reasons. This year it celebrates 25 years of existence, which in itself deserves respect. On this occasion, their first Punk'n'roll album saw the light of day in vinyl form for the first time, and it must be said that in its time it was one of the most essential works of the scene of the young generation at the time, and the LP format really suits it. And also thanks to these reasons, this year's playlist of the band focuses precisely on this period. Well, we can't wait. Maybe they will accuse you of stealing...

(heavy rock'n'roll punk / Brno / CZ)
Probably the sexiest rock'n'roll band we have here in Brno. If one day they release a record, they will splash about it all the way to Břeclav. Some time ago they replaced the post of frontman and in the current line-up they are making their way through the underworld like Rocky Balboa. An explosive cocktail of trash and rock and roll with a totally punk approach and energy that charges the earth's core. All that and more are Liquid Jesus. After demolishing the stage at Rock for people and christening the new Melodka, the paved road to Kabinet awaits them. You already had a byte of 4 minutes you moron!