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Rap oscillating around issues of the future and virtual reality, often unleashing emotions beyond classic hip-hop imaginations. The feelings of doubt, uncertainty and sadness of embodied technology are deeply connected to ideas of transhumanism and the post-Anthropocene. Mosa.Tech is a Warsaw experimental hip-hop duo founded in 2022 by producer/rapper Uncaame and rapper Hemolgoblin. Their two recordings Reflektorem EP (2022) and Becel EP (2023) resonated significantly in the Polish underground press and community.



Kluci z garage is a unique project of three digital producer-songwriters BoLs/sLoBa (Matěj Dvořák), sxilence (Matteo Ruggiero) and Toyota Vangelis (Václav Peloušek), who keep their finger on the current trend of club and electronic music and create an eclectic genre mix anchored by strong songwriting and pop catchiness. This creates a club boyband with the most up-to-date sound design exploring the genre mutations of UK garage, reggaeton, Baile funk or anime soundtracks. In the lyrics on the debut EP, Kluci z garaže, they retreat to the space of the garage, which provides sufficient shielding from the online world, and express the need to log off from information overload. This offers enough slowing down to review one's own identity, and the metaphor of the garage takes the form of a place where there is still barely a signal, which one tries to catch on a stylized flip-phone.
The EP is the result of a year-long collaboration, when the three meet each other in the studio and at concerts, and follows on from earlier joint compositions, which will also be part of a new live performance under the banner Kluci z garaje.

The trio of tracks is complemented by a remix by the progressive Brno DJ and producer Count. Oliver Torr took care of the mix and final production supervision, Gaex took care of the mastering, and the Ljubljana artist Farah Sara Kurnik took care of the artwork.

Toyota Vangelis (Václav Pelousek)
Toyota Vangelis' high-energy electronic arrangements are permeated with vulnerable vocals, themes of digital identity, the future and loneliness in a world of big data. In his club songwriting, he combines synthetic sound-design with a symbiosis of vocals and digital audio processes controlled by his own microphone controller. For his debut record Víklopný světlométy (Fullmoon forum 2013) he was awarded the Vinyl record of the year and a nomination for Angel. Toyota Vangelis is looking for musical collaborations, among which there are names such as Tokyo Drift, Klara Wodehn, Oliver Torr, Never Sol, Sahareya, Miss Petty, Wierdsky, BoLs/sLob or sxilence. He has been performing as Toyota Vangelis since 2018 and is one of the founders of Bastl instruments, where he is the chief designer of electronic musical instruments.

BoLs/sLoB (Matěj Dvořák)
BoLs/sLoB is a young Czech musician originally from Prague. His latest record Esoteric Garden was released on the progressive Berlin label Soul Feeder. At Esoteric Garden he plays prime electronica, but it is not a purely club color. On ten tracks, BoLs/sLoB presents a wide range of genres and emotions. It was for this feat that he received a nomination in the Discovery category at this year's Vinyla awards.

Sxilence (Matteo Ruggiero)
Brno-based musician and producer Matteo Ruggiero, aka sxilence, released the Opravit se EP at the end of last year, which he prepared in collaboration with the platform Future sparks. The album's lyrics are very associative and sonorous and thematically explore the dark side of post-internet reality, especially the addiction to social networks and the consuming desire to stay online from early childhood. In the lyrics of his songs, he returns to his native Italy and combines Italian and Czech into a sonorous synthesis. Sonically, he takes inspiration from club music, post-rap and crystalline sound design, and globally creates an evocative dark world on the border between pop and experimental electronica. He is also dedicated to DJing and audiovisual art, which he studies at FaVU in Brno.

The cover was created by young multimedia artist, designer and illustrator Farah Sara Kurnik aka VJ Liara T'Soni. Farah is part of the Ljubljana collective Niš Izbire, which organizes club events with strong visuals, but also owns clothes and releases music. Farah inspires internet aesthetics, gaming, speculative design, and character and world creation.


Toyota Vangelis