11/06/24, 20:00


Dark smoky gothic country with a psychedelic touch that combines with post-punk, psych-rock and traditional ballads. Canadian Ora Cogan is known for her unique voice and film compositions, where she searches for a new reality in the labyrinth of smoke and mirrors of our cruel society. She has collaborated with many artists such as Lankum and toured throughout Europe and North America sharing the stage with artists such as Grouper and Mazzy Star. Her current and critically acclaimed album Formless, which she will bring to the MÚZ Cabinet, was released in August 2023.



VDYD represent the face of power on the Brno scene. This quartet has been active for years, played countless concerts and influenced dozens of musical tastes. Although they only released their debut on Kabinet Records in 2021, their concerts have been well attended since time immemorial. And no wonder; the mixture of post-punk and indie rock that this group creates is completely unique and unforgettable.