12/06/24, 20:00


Icelandic band GRÓA burst onto the global punk scene in 2018, thrilling audiences around the world with their unbridled energy and unbridled expression. Their music combines elements of post-punk, noise-rock with hints of art-pop and they achieve a perfectly explosive sound that sounds absolutely magnificent. Their live performances are unique. With the audience, he creates new worlds and a shared experience full of incredible energy and a large portion of emotions. GRÓA is heading for their fourth European tour this summer, during which they will also visit Brno. For the tour, they prepared a huge setlist full of songs from their latest album. Get ready for an unprecedented explosion.



Shallov is noisy, fragile, angry, sad, pathetic, cynical, engaged, stylized sincerity. It's a natural progression from undirected anger to formulated existential angst.

During the past ten years, Shallov functioned as a three-member guitar group, for which organic and spontaneous experimental work was typical. Shallov is currently undergoing a transformation, discovering new approaches in creation, greater sound diversity, minimalism, synthesizers and the first texts in the Slovak language. However, the common denominator is the handwriting and the dramatic composition, which does not try to fit in anywhere.

At the concert, Shallov presents previously unreleased compositions from the upcoming album, which is planned for release in autumn 2024, in a new line-up consisting of brothers Viktor Ori, Dušan Ori and musicians Antonín Kropáček and Kristie Kardio.