Prune + Chris Beach (SWE)

09/12/23, 19:00

▶︎ Prune
(Lucie Krpalová) released her debut album Kruhy under the production supervision of Martin E. Kyšperský (Květy). Her soft melancholic songs retain naturalness, modesty and hope. She enjoys musical collaboration with her musical friend, singer-songwriter Martina Trchová. She contributed her vocals to the records of the Zapomělsem and Archivny baját projects. She is currently working on the English material for the second record, on which the Swedish musician Christoffer Strandh participates as an arranger, and new songs in Czech are being collected under her hands.…

▶︎ Chris Beach
singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sweden, will perform his original songs about trees and people in his native Swedish. Christoffer Strandh performs solo in the Czech Republic as chris beach, but has collaborated and guested with a number of artists, including Beata Bocek, Květy, Lenka Dusilová, Cermaque, Mosskin, Šarivary and Prune.…

A joint mixed set will be performed in Czech, English and Swedish with the following cast:

PRUNE - el. guitar, keyboards
chris beach – el. guitar, keyboards, bass, trumpet