04/04/24, 20:00

Strange flowers, black lipstick, hungry seagulls, wrinkled hands in the bathtub, volcanoes and murdering cowboys - all this makes up the world of Ida the Young. The founding duo Iris Hobson-Mazur (vocals) and Marek Koliha (guitar) are behind the project, which originated in Pilsen. In 2023, the band released their debut EP Strange Shaped Flowers, on which they uniquely combine the genres of indie and folk. For this concert, the band prepared a special electro-acoustic set together with producer Pavel Kielberger. In the composition of Hobson-Mazur/Koliha/Kielberger, they also recorded a new EP, on which they go in a more electronic direction. Expect it in May of this year!
Barbora Hora (also a member of whyohwhy) represents a fresh driving force in the field of the Czech singer/songwriter scene. Her music consists of two equal elements; minimalistic but thought-out guitar lines with authentic vocal performance. In her poetry set to music, the performer deals with the unexpected pitfalls of everyday life through a sensitive lens.
Barbora Hora for the current recording Grains (demos from the hill):
"Over the past few weeks I've recorded a few rehearsal demos on my phone. While I'm still working on my LP, I wanted to find a different and more intuitive way to create/release music. I've been extremely busy the past few months and it doesn't seem like that's going to change. I feel tired all the time, and this tiredness makes me question how I live, the world around me, and even the meaning of making music or art in general.In this time-consuming experiment, I found a peaceful place that I want to observe more.
You can hear the drums shaking in the room, my voice loses the melody line, I make mistakes in the lyrics, the guitar is out of tune and everything spoils the phone recording... I'm fine with those mistakes because it's human. To make mistakes is human, to be tired is human, to lack skills is human, to doubt is human and to fail is also human.
There is no specific message. It's just one tiny grain in a sea of sand."
Poster: Oliver William Quinn