Vladivojna La Chia

04/05/24, 19:00

Vladivojna La Chia is a distinctive singer, lyricist and music composer who, in addition to her solo work, also works on film and theater music. The audience knows her primarily as an eccentric performer who uses her voice in all sorts of ways. Nowadays, however, Vladivojna's concerts have moved towards more subtlety. This is mainly due to the fact that Vladivojna was enchanted by the sound of the piano and she teamed up with the pianist Karolína Šustová, who rearranged some of her songs for this magnificent instrument. But he doesn't just stay at the piano. Vladivojna herself traditionally accompanies herself on acoustic and electric guitar. Karolína alternates piano with keyboards and guitars.

The following formation will be performed in Kafara: Vladivojna La Chia – vocals, guitar, Karolína Šustová – guitar, keyboards