Malina Brothers

27/01/23, 19:00

Malina Brothers - Czech folk and country supergroup.
The Malinova brothers, i.e. banjo player Luboš (Druhá trava), guitarist Pavel and violinist Josef, gathered together on stage in a unique project called Malina Brothers, to which they also invited double bass player Pavel Peroutka.
The musicians keep alive the legacy of the East Bohemian tramp and bluegrass music they grew up listening to. Listeners can look forward to well-known songs such as Shadow of the old river, And life goes on or Faster horses, with which the group imprinted an unmistakable sound with its virtuoso interpretation. They have performed numerous concerts in the USA and on domestic stages and collaborated with musical greats such as Pavel Bobek, Robert Křestťan, Spirituál Kvintet, etc. They have released four regular CDs and an anniversary DVD with guests Charlie McCoy and Kateřina García. The current album Baroquegrass sensitively connects baroque music with bluegrass, and on it you can hear, for example, a duet between Robert Křestťan and František Černý (Bohemian Bohemia). In the fall of 2023, the group plans to release a new self-titled album.