05/04/24, 19:00

On Friday 5.4. a commemorative concert of the release of Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned by former members of PLASTIC PEOPLE will take place in Brno on Musilka, with the Brno band Hrozné performing as a guest.
This year it will be an incredible 50 years since one of the most famous records of Czechoslovak culture, Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned by The Plastic People Of The Universe, began to be recorded at Houska Castle. The title was intended to parody "Sergeant Pepper" by the Beatles, but sonically and lyrically it was a completely different matter: raw music, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes dark rock, sometimes cacophonous with free-jazz solos, but always easily recognizable and unique even on a global scale. And the merciless lyrics of Egon Bondy.
And this anniversary was the reason why the publishing house Guerilla Records approached several musicians who are connected with the name of the band to commemorate this anniversary at concerts where the said record will be heard in their interpretation. And something extra to it. Those interested will be able to take the mentioned plate home. Guerilla Records is even releasing it as a double album, for the first time in its entirety, and the fourth side consists of a recording of the Plastik concert from January 31, 1975, when they played as a "wedding gift" at the wedding of Jaroslava and Jaroslav Kukal.
The concert line-up, made up of former members of Plastic People, consists of:
Josef Janíček – keyboards, vocals and the group's long-time band leader
Jan Brabec – drums, vocals
Vladimír Dědek – trombone
Tomáš Schilla – cello, vocals
Ivan Bierhanzl – bass guitar
With this line-up, the band returns to its roots, as the guitar has always been missing from their seminal albums.
Several concerts in the Czech Republic are planned for the spring of 2024. The final will take place on 29.6. precisely at Houska Castle, where the entire tour, held under the name PPU EGON BONDY TOUR 2024, will end.
= music sailing through the many twists and turns of alternative rock, influenced by minimalism, folk, indie, funk and many other influences. Interwoven tones of metallophone, kalimba, accordion, bass guitar and drums, combined with poetic and percussive lyrics. As one music critic once wrote: "I can also hear the echoes of a traditional Indonesian gamelan..." and then the poor band had to rehearse, which they actually play.