Spirituál kvartet

23/04/24, 19:00

Spirituál Quartet is a group directly following on from the legendary Czechoslovak folk band Spirituál Quintet. Continuity with this ensemble, which has significantly influenced the domestic music scene for more than sixty years, is guaranteed not only by the return to the original historical name, but above all by the participation of Jiří Holoubek and Veronika Součková, longtime members of the Spirituál quintet. They joined forces with two other excellent musicians. Singer, composer, banjo player, steel guitar and double bass player Zbyňek Bureš, and guitarist, singer, owner of a captivating bass, Jan Janda.
The spiritual quartet humbly, respectfully and gratefully builds on the legacy of its predecessors, which, of course, it continues to develop with its own sound and performance, not only of decades-tested compositions, but also with a new author's repertoire