Tribute to Wabi Rivola

24/04/24, 19:00

RYVO Band presents fifteen original songs by leading Czech guitarist Roman Pokorný with lyrics by Wabi Ryvola from the album Blues Dřevorubce. The album was released in 2023 and in terms of genre, it follows the intentions of the Ryvol brothers, with an overlap into blues and swing.
SYCHRAVO is a tramp band from Brno, which was formed at the end of 2021 on the initiative of guitarist Miloš Vobora. He draws his repertoire exclusively from the work of the Ryvol brothers. He includes songs that are played less often in his program and edits them to his own image. Wabi Ryvola once declared that if he were to be born again, it would be in Brno, because the "Brno people" play my songs the way they should...