01/12/23, 19:30
The project ᴋᴏɴᴇᴋᴛɪᴠ ᴏɴ ᴛᴏᴜʀ will present for the first time in Brno totally new musical collaborations melding together the diverse musical genres and cultures the individual musicians come out of. This radical connection of varying creative approaches allows for the searching of exciting and unexpected results while symbolizing the complete refusal of prejudices geared towards foreigners and minorities.
✧ This year Portuguese sound artist sᴀʀᴀ ᴘɪɴʜᴇɪʀᴏ pairs with Czech singer and producer ғᴁ ʙᴇsᴛɪᴀ, connected by their interest in discovering new ways of expression moving on the border between music and sound.
✧ Distinct and varied musical worlds are connected in the collaboration between composer and intermedia artist ɪᴀɴ ᴍɪᴋʏsᴋᴀ and members of the band ᴅᴜɴᴊɪɴɢᴀʀᴀᴠ, whose repertoire is made up of traditional steppe Mongolian songs.
✧ Deep and complex musical traditions intersect in maestro Baroque lute and its bass variant the theorbo player ᴍᴀʀᴇᴋ ᴋᴜʙᴀ́ᴛ and ᴄʜᴀɪᴛᴀɴʏᴀ ʙʜᴀᴛ, a master of vocal techniques from the North Indian genre Khayal.
Konektiv supports Iniciativa Hlavák, which provides initial material and psychological assistance to refugees from Ukraine, Syria and other countries at the Main Railway Station in Prague.