Garage & Tony Ducháček

17/11/23, 20:30

Garage and Tony Ducháček – the Mohicans of our music and underground scene with the charismatic singer Tony Ducháček. What more needs to be said? The band was formed in 1979, the current line-up (Tony Ducháček – vocals, Honza Macháček – guitar, vocals, Honza Pokorný – lead guitar, David Fikrle – bass guitar, René Starhon – drums) has been playing together since 2019. Their music supplied us strength in difficult times, their concerts at the Na Chmelnici club were legendary. The songs and music of Garage are based on the personality of singer Tony Ducháček, who is also the author of most of the lyrics based on unique peripheral slang. Garage music is loud and has a lot of fun, you can tell that they are always enjoying it. Garage hasn't lost any of its power, it still has a lot to offer, it's not just a reflection of its former glory. At the same time, it offers exactly what is expected of it, which, of course, is not a shortcoming of a legend, but an advantage. Come to divine Tony with his monotone vocals and rock'n'roll guitars, simply Garage!