Global chill-out evening

02/11/19, 21:00

These regular music evenings have arizen as a follow up of the Global Chill-Out festival, a unique meeting of inspirational musicians (World music, ethno, chill-out, ambient), artists and other creators.

What can you expect this time?

Immediatelly after your arrival you will be drawn into the atmosphere of the evening by a unique vernissage of UV paintings and 3D decorations.

Then you can enjoy the creation of three Czech ambient magicians Michal Kořán, Pavel Richter and Josef Jindrák. They will tune you in with the help of various and unusual instruments (which? Let's get surprised!).

Thanks to the multi-layered ambient harmonies, you can leave the rush and worries of everyday life behind the door of the club and embark on a journey through the musical universe. You can fully and comfortably enjoy this trip on traditional soft carpets.
The evening will flow further on the rhythmical swinging waves of the original and sensitive combination of traditional ethnic and modern electronic music.
Finally the DJs will take the rudder over and they will shift the speed towards the hopping pace. We will fly with them through the dimensions of dancing ethnic and Latin American inspiration and even the ecstatic trance.

The resident and experienced Vj Steen will take care of the perfect complex experience with his colorful kaleidoscope of visions and horizons, natural and geometric patterns from his own creation.

As always, a great deal of comfort, UV decoration from Shivadeco, VJ STEEN projection and, above all, an unusual musical experience await you.

line up:

• Michal Kořán •

• Pavel Richter •

• Josef Jindrák •

• I-One •

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