27/01/23, 19:00

The war is over and life goes on as before. They even opened music cafes, including the Černá perla, where they play swing. But the coup of February 1948 will destroy many hopes. The times are not in favor of music cafes - let alone American jazz and swing, which defy committed notions of music for working people.
Three singers from Černá perla are playing their part in this difficult time. Can any of them, despite the twists and turns of the times, find a fateful opportunity or happiness in life? "Life is a wide ocean, a person is a small ship on it, each of us, driven by desire, races for our happiness..."
SWING! is a story of love adventures, unexpected twists, almost detective plots and, above all, unrestrained rhythm, swing dance and two dozen famous swing songs such as A Girl Born to Rhythm, Crazy Day, My Love is Jazz, Swingers' Convention, Wandering in the Rhythm, Hm Hm, Telephone Fox , Recipe for a mood, Hunting for a song, etc. All accompanied by a swing orchestra.
Tune in to swing - the heart beats in syncopation! You know us by the rhythm.

Screenplay: Pavel Trtílek
Director: Michal Sopuch
Dramaturgy: Pavel Trtílek
Musical dramaturgy: Pavel Trtílek
Conductor: Marek Madeja (HF JAMU) alto. Filip Urban (HF JAMU)
Song arrangement: Ramin Guliyev (HF JAMU)
Singing performance: Dada Klementová
Choreography: Swing Wings
Production: Markéta Kavková (HF JAMU)
Scene: Magdalena Černá
Costumes: Matěj Prokop
Lighting: Jiří Kubalec
Sound: Dušan Souček, Vít Kraváček
Photo documentation: Šimon Pávek

Characters and cast:
LILY – singer in Kristýna Nováková's music cafe
ROSÁLIE – singer in the music cafe Vivien Machková
VIOLETA – singer in the music cafe Dominika Wächterová
KLĚTA – cleaner in the music cafe Diana Demecsová
HUGO – owner of a music cafe, Tony's identical twin (double role) Samuel Gonda
TONY - waiter in a music cafe, identical twin of Hugo (double role) Samuel Gonda
ŽLUVA – communist confidant Jáchym Šíma
POSLÍČEK - flower delivery man from the agency "For every woman a flower" Marek Madeja alternation Filip Urban

Big band led by Marek Madeja/Filip Urban will perform in the lineup: Patrik Švec, Marek Pospíšil, Štěpán Kudela, Andrej Hrubčo, Tomáš Spiřík, Matěj Olah, Hynek Čejka.