4 Elements: Hidden Order/ Gnawa / Falling Angels / Sarabande

05/06/22, 19:00

Choreography: Nacho Duato, Jiří Kylián, Lukáš Timulák  Hudba: J. S. Bach, Steve Reich and other World Choreographists at Mahen's Theater!

In the next premiere, the NdB Ballet continues to feature the world's choreographic personalities in its repertoire. After the first ever release of George Balanchin and George Kylian's works, we bring another exceptional world choreographer, Nacho Duato, to our scene. His work Gnawa is a spectacular spectacle-painted musical performance typical of the North African region and the adjacent Mediterranean. Gnawa is full of dance and music captivating powers, a blend of sensual elegance, organic rhythm of the Mediterranean, and the plastic and dynamic choreography of Nacho Duato.

The success of Petite Mort has provided the Ballet NdB with the opportunity to present other choreographies of genius Jiří Kylián. This evening we will introduce you to two outstanding choreographies, Falling Angels and Sarabande. The masterpieces of the individual titles will have room for realization of the male and female elements. Falling Angels portrays women, dancers, their desire for perfection, and their subject to female psychics in various life situations. Sarabande, on the other hand, is a purely male affair. The choreographer, in a sense, chauvinistically looks at male aggression, vulnerable sensitivity and politeness, examines their sexuality, feelings of importance and needlessness and ... stupidity. This evening we will also introduce one original choreography created specifically for our ensemble. The author will be Lukáš Timulák, who has already worked with us on the successful Petite Mort ballet evening.