Chamber opera of the JAMU Faculty of Music

12/11/22, 19:00

The Chamber Opera of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts is preparing, as part of its traditional collaboration with the Janáček Brno Festival, the premieres of new opera titles for students of the JAMU Faculty of Music.

As part of the performance, a stroboscopic effect will be used in both operas.


J. A. K. from Labyrinth (Noemi Savková)

Jan Amos Komenský's literary work The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart resonates with its themes and characters in every era. Composer and librettist Noemi Savková subtly chose Comenius' work as a template for her one-act opera, in which we get to know a similar journey of the Pilgrim, as was the case with Comenius. Noemi Savková's conception, however, deals with the original work in such a way that, through Poutník's viewpoints, she brings it closer to the listener living in the present, who is also exposed to many issues. The content of the libretto points to Comenius' ideas, which are still current and valid thanks to their timelessness. Conductor Matěj Voda and director Vladimír John connect a scenic and musical idea, which, based on the composer's colorful music, completely complements Poutník's exploration of the contemporary world, whose values ​​he gradually uncovers and subsequently discovers the essence of his own values ​​in himself.


Calvary (Marie Brothánková)

In a world so interconnected that with just a few taps on our phone we can find out what is happening on the other side of the globe, we are increasingly alone. We look at the lives of others and forget which life is real, and especially which life is ours. The more alone we are, the more we constantly look for what would bring us out of our loneliness - love, God, money...?

Composer Markéta Brothánková's opera tells the stories of members of two families that, although they are at opposite poles within society, unite more than it might seem at first glance. The libretto, co-authored by director Marek Řihák, contrasts the virtual connection of people with life in a personal bubble, from which the individual tries to escape by believing in fate, God or his neighbor.