The Magic Flute

14/01/23, 17:00

Are you passionate sci-fi? This opera will be made for you! That Mozart's favorite opera is full of magic and Masonic symbols? It certainly was for the people of Vienna in the 18th century, but when a director like Miroslav Krobot takes over, it may be a non-traditional, but even more interesting story. And also a space trip.

With the help of a magic flute, the talkative birdie Papagen and three naughty little Geniuses, Tamino searches for the beautiful Pamina, who was kidnapped by her mighty Queen of the Night, the mighty Sarastro. Thus begins Mozart's opera itself, but the story began many years earlier on a hibernating spacecraft that ended up in the orbit of an unknown planet due to a malfunction. The crew moved to the surface to spend many years trying to gain control of the ship. Over the years, the rift between the crew members deepened, culminating in the captain's death. However, both camps continued to try to gain control of the spacecraft. However, only a new generation can fulfill this task. Lovers of Mozart's music will not come short either, virtuoso arias of the Queen of the Night, the lyrical numbers of the loving couple Tamina and Pamina, as well as the cute Pa-pa-pa duet Papagena and Papagena await them, and as a bonus they can look back at -fi and maybe discover a new passion for yourself.