Happy widow

22/11/23, 17:00

The mission is clear - marry the widow! But so that her millions remain in the principality. There would be plenty of suitors, but Count Danilo, entrusted with the task, already has a love history with the widow Hana Glawari. So the affection is mutual, but the reluctance to admit that the old love has not rusted, either. When you add the other ingredients in the form of a party at the embassy in Paris, dancers from the famous U Maxima cabaret and witty dialogues, you have everything you need for a great operetta.

The idea for The Merry Widow was found by librettist Leo Stein in the form of a French comedy, which he discovered by chance while rummaging through the library on a visit. The originally intended composer was not interested and the choice fell on the young Franz Lehár. If it was an intervention of fate, then he turned out to be very lucky. Lehár, with a Hungarian mother and a Moravian father, apparently had a flair for melodies, swing and wit thanks to his mixed family heritage. Each issue of Veselá vdova is a small musical gift, and melodies like U Maxima jsem znam, the song about Vilije, Women, women and others quickly became famous. Lehár also became famous thanks to The Merry Widow, and today his operetta is also in the repertoire of the New York MET. The Merry Widow is returning to the Brno stage after almost thirty years and will be supported by an experienced team. Director Magdalena Švecová, together with choreographer Martin Pack and artists Zuzana Přidalová and David Janošek, are the authors of the great and rich productions of Ferda Mravenc and La bohème. So you can look forward to the charm of Paris at the turn of the century in all its splendor.