Antonín Dvořák I Rusalka

03/05/24, 19:00

A human soul, a pure human soul! The water fairy Rusalka yearns for life above the surface of the water, for love and the human soul. The hag knows the way, but the price is high – Rusalka will lose her ability to speak, but what is the point of her speech when she is just a ripple on the surface of the beloved prince... However, the human world turns out to be cruel and full of betrayal, which even her pure love cannot overcome .

Director David Radok and his Rusalka as a fateful drama about unfulfilled desires and human failure, about the contradictory conflict between love and erotic desire, a drama about the sinful human soul. The production will be another contribution to the Year of Czech Music. Since its inception, Dvořák's Rusalka has been one of the most beloved and performed Czech operas not only thanks to its beautiful and unique music, but also to Jaroslav Kvapil's poetic and timeless libretto, which hides endless symbolism. A theme made for David Radok, who will create a multi-layered production full of strong emotions for the first time in the Czech Republic.

David Radok's scenography is based on the Rusalka concept by scenographer Lars-Ake Thessman presented at GöteborgsOperan in 2012.