The Devil and Kate

07/05/24, 18:00

Antonín Dvořák: The Devil and Kate

Who will go to hell?

Author: Antonín Dvořák 
Libretto: Adolf Wenig st. 
Musical Preparation: Jakub Klecker 
Conductor: Jakub Klecker, Robert Kružík 
Director: Jiří Heřman 
Set Design: Pavel Svoboda 
Costume Design: Alexandra Grusková 
Lighting Design: Daniel Tesař 
Choreography: Mário Radačovský 
Chorus Master: Josef Pančík 
Dramaturgy: Patricie Částková 
Assistant Conductor: Jiří Habart 
Assistant Stage Director: Otakar Blaha 
Assistant Chorus Master: Klára Roztočilová 

Performed in the original Czech with Czech and English subtitles.

What can possibly happen on an innocent school trip? A fun entry into the world of opera for younger as well as older audiences.

This fairy story for audiences young and old, inspired by Božena Němcová, about the fearless shepherd Jirka, the marriage-obsessed Kate and the betrayed devil Marbuel, returns to the stage of the Mahen Theatre after a lengthy absence. Although the stage teems with devils, they are not the dark demons and cruel rulers of hell, but the devils of Czech fairy tales who are easily duped by cheeky Kate and clever Jirka! This fairy tale, where bad people find redemption and cleverness and bravery triumph over hell itself, where pots and wooden spoons float around and cheeky Kate frightens even Lucifer himself, will take you back to childhood years full of gentle humour and happy endings. So come with us to Mokrá Lhota, where some very strange things are going on at the castle...

Premiere: 10th December 2016, Mahen Theatre