Lorenzo Masotto

05/11/22, 20:00

Lorenzo Masotto is an Italian pianist and composer. He studied piano and composition at the F.E. Dall'Abaco abacus Conservatory in Verona and then at the Liszt School of Music in Weimar (Germany). His musical journey began at the age of nine when he started playing the piano. After years of studying composition and jazz, he experimented with prog/post-rock music and dabbled in theater and film music.
"It never occurred to me to write in just one musical style. I love music at its core and everything I write builds my confidence and my ability to write from a wider perspective.”
Masotto has released albums in Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, England and Italy and toured around the world. On his current tour of Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, England and Italy, he presents his seventh album entitled "i = r" (Law of Refraction).
The concert takes place inside the cafe and capacity is limited. Music lovers are cordially invited!