Batyu-Borbély Duó (H)

12/11/22, 20:00

A unique meeting of jazz and folk music and folk and contemporary dance awaits you, spiced up with a set of performance-style improvisations.
After several joint stage performances, the audience will be introduced to the audience by Zoltán Farkas "Batyu" (Harangozó prize winner, meritorious and excellent artist, folk dancer and choreographer) and Mihály Borbély (Knight's Cross and Liszt Prize holder, musician awarded the Kossuth Prize as a member of the Vujicics ensemble) with their a duet.
The captivating combination of wind and percussion instruments, the sounds and sights of dance and the diverse use of elements from a range of genres, from folk to jazz, creates an extraordinary musical experience. The energetic and evocative performance of the duo, their virtuoso playing of instruments and spectacular movements create an unforgettable show.