12/06/24, 20:00

F͢R͢E͢E͢ ͢F͢O͢R͢M͢S͢ ͢-͢ ͢J͢U͢S͢T͢ ͢M͢U͢S͢I͢C͢ is an active community of artists (musicians, dancers and artists) from many European countries - Austria, France, England, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Creative meetings have been taking place for many years in many countries. Vienna and the main organizer Udo Preise can be considered a kind of center. From October 2022, you can also regularly watch these international meetings in Café Ponava.
Since the 1960s, thanks to artists such as Derek Bailey, Paul Rogers, Axel Dõrner, Paul Lovens, Evan Parker and many others, an improvisational musical "style" has been developing, which noticeably moves away from all types of jazz and free jazz, as well as the avant-garde movements of the time.
The way of creation, which cannot be clearly classified, is as diverse as the number of artists who, due to their complex artistic knowledge and virtuosity, can and above all want to enter into this open communication between themselves and the audience present.
Recommended voluntary entrance fee 150,-, priceless experiences